Have you ever paid for a service or membership that you only used a handful of times? Do you get irritated when the companies that provide these services or memberships charge your credit card frequently even though you no longer use them? Do you get even more irritated when you spend your personal time researching how to cancel these services or memberships? Do you get extremely irritated when these companies provide no clear steps on how to cancel their services or memberships? Do you get so angry that you stop trying and end up just paying the monthly service or membership fees to avoid the irritation of trying to figure out how to cancel them?

Well, we have some really good news for you! We personally spent thousands of hours researching and compiling information on how to cancel these services and memberships so, you don’t have to. Our team diligently constructed detailed directions on how to cancel these services and memberships. Just go to our main page and click on the “Steps to Cancel”. Then, find the name of the company that you wish to cancel. After that, follow the detailed instructions on how to cancel that service. Last but not least, celebrate that you no longer are constrained by financial burden that these companies have inflicted on you.

If you do not feel like spending your time going through these steps on how to cancel your service, there is a great site called CancelWizard.com. They jump through all of the hoops for you so that you can relax and have these annoying services or memberships cancelled in a timely matter. Lastly, if there is a company’s service or membership that isn’t on our list, please feel free to send an email to hello (at) howtocancel.com Once we have received the email, we will go out there and get the information for you 🙂