How to Cancel

10GYM Fitness Center

If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we suggest this cancellation service:

10GYM Fitness Center is a chain of fitness gyms in Oklahoma, with currently 9 locations. 10GYM Fitness Center offers a variety of gym and spa amenities, group fitness classes, personal training, and supervised childcare programs. You can sign up for the “Basic” membership for $10 a month, or the 12-month “Preferred” membership, with access to more amenities

If you find your 10GYM Fitness Center membership no longer needed, follow the steps below.

*Important things to note:

  • For both memberships, you will automatically be charged an “Annual Membership Rate Guarantee” of $49.99, 60 days after joining.
  • The terms are different for each membership, but both need to be cancelled through ABC Financial Services.
  • For the “Basic” membership, you can cancel anytime given you provide a 30-days notice. Until then you will automatically be billed monthly.
  • For the “Preferred” membership:
    • You are charged for a minimum of 12-months payments.
    • If you want to cancel before your membership term is over, you have to pay a “buy out” of $79.
    • If you cancel after your 12-month membership is over, you must give a 30-days notice once your contract is over.

How To Cancel Your Membership:

You will need:

  • Your full name, date of birth and billing address
  • Gym address and 9-digit agreement number
  • Last 4 numbers of your social security number
  • Last 4 numbers of your driver’s license
  • Reason for cancellation

Cancel via Phone

  1. Call customer service at 888-827-9262.
  2. Request to cancel membership.
  3. Verify membership information.
  4. Ask for confirmation number or email for your records.

Cancel via Mail:

  1. Send a certified cancellation letter request to: ABC Financial PO Box 6800 Sherwoord, AR 72124.
  2. Make sure to include your account and membership information mentioned above.

Cancel via email:

  1. Send a cancellation request to customercare@abcfinancial.
  2. Make sure to include your account and membership information mentioned above.
  3. Confirm cancellation.