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HowToCancel.com is a how-to website dedicated to showing users how to cancel just about every product and service imaginable. It’s our mission to make the cancellation, return, and refund process easier than ever. We do this by creating free step by step guides for how to cancel more than 600 popular services and counting. These guides are written in an easy to follow format so anyone can understand them.

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Have you ever paid for a service or membership that you only used a handful of times? Do you get irritated when the companies that provide these services or memberships charge your credit card frequently even though you no longer use them? Do you get even more irritated when you spend your personal time researching how to cancel these services or memberships? Do you get extremely irritated when these companies provide no clear steps on how to cancel their services or memberships? Do you get so angry that you stop trying and end up just paying the monthly service or membership fees to avoid the irritation of trying to figure out how to cancel them?

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HowToCancel.com has been designed to walk you through the cancellation process step by step, no matter what form of service you are attempting to cancel. Our primary goal is to remove the frustration and complications that exist when attempting to cancel an account.

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