How to Cancel Kentwood Springs


Kentwood Springs is a bottled water delivery service that was founded in 1963 in Kentwood, LA. Their delivery service is offered to both residential and business customer in the Gulf states region that includes Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Kentwood Springs offers rental water dispensers for home and business use through their sister company, Primo Water. Both companies are held by the parent company DS Services. Kentwood Springs promotes environmental and social responsibility through recycling efforts, water management, in-kind donations, and aid to communities in times of crisis. Delivery intervals are on a 2-week schedule. Product offerings include 3- and 5-gallon bottled water to be used with rental dispensers. The customer can choose from spring, distilled, fluoridated, or artisanal water. Kentwood Springs also offers delivery of name-brand sparkling waters, case packs of bottled water, tea, coffee, and chocolate. They also offer water dispenser cleaning services for $59.99, which is added to the monthly bill. To sign up for the service, customers sign up for auto-pay with a credit or debit card. The parent company, DS Services, places a $50.00 authorization hold on the card an may perform a credit check on residential customers. New account can be created on the company website or by calling 866-407-7873. Once the account is set up, a service rep will come out to set up the dispenser, review operating procedures, and discuss where empty bottles will be left for pick-up. A person over the age of 18 must be present for the initial service call. Prices vary based on individual customer selection of water type, dispenser type, and any additional add-on products. They also offer a Refer a Friend program that provides a $25.00 credit to both the customer and the new client. Kentwood Springs offers full online account management including changing pre-set delivery days, management of products scheduled for delivery, payment method, etc. If a customer finds they no longer need either Kentwood Springs or Primo Water service, they can terminate service by following the additional instructions provided below.