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The founders of Codecademy set out to give anyone in the world the ability to learn the skills needed to succeed in the twenty-first century. They set out to create a new, interactive learning experience that would be engaging, flexible, and accessible to as many people as possible. Since then, they have assisted millions of people all over the world in unlocking modern technical skills and realizing their full potential through code. They want to create a world in which anyone can build something meaningful with technology and everyone has access to the necessary learning tools, resources, and opportunities. Code contains a universe of possibilities; all that is required is curiosity and a desire to learn. Codecademy is dedicated to empowering all people, no matter where they are in their coding journeys, to continue learning, growing, and making an impact on the world around them. Codecademy has a bold mission to rethink education from the ground up, which it is pursuing through several nonprofit initiatives. On the internet, Codecademy provides courses that make learning to code and design websites enjoyable and simple. You can learn specific languages, such as JavaScript, or take a cybersecurity crash course. Even better, many classes are free, with the paid plan providing access to additional learning tools, courses, and community support. As a result, Codecademy is one of their Editors’ Choice picks for free online coding classes. After you sign up for free, Codecademy will recommend where you should begin. Simply complete a brief quiz to determine your programming personality. You can also view the entire course catalog for the service. They previously chastised Codecademy for its lack of video tutorials, but you can now watch over 150 video tutorials on Codecademy’s YouTube channel. These lengthy, serious videos, on the other hand, appear to be geared toward adult students rather than children with short attention spans. Codecademy also provides a paid Pro plan for $39.99 per month (or $19.99 with an annual subscription) that includes additional courses, a personalized learning plan, regular quizzes, real-world projects, unlimited mobile code practice, and enhanced community resources. First-time subscribers can get a 7-day free trial, and college students can get a discounted Pro plan. Codecademy Go, an Android and iOS app, is also available. Codecademy can be customized for businesses and their teams (you must contact Codecademy to receive a price quote). When it first began, Codecademy concentrated on teaching beginners. This is still true, especially for free users. However, more advanced courses, such as C++, Ruby, and PHP, are now available. You might even learn how to program a video game. Pro users can explore higher-level course topics like Python and mobile app development, as well as Career Path courses that group multiple courses under a common theme like Front-End Engineer. You will receive a certificate at the end. When you choose a course, Codecademy provides a syllabus overview, which includes the topics you’ll need to be familiar with as well as the prerequisite courses. Following the introduction, you are taken to a new environment to begin building. To progress with the lesson, you gradually expand your skills and complete challenges. Your progress is saved as you go, allowing you to stop at any time without fear of losing your work. Your current lessons are displayed on the home screen so you can quickly resume. If you choose introductory classes on specific programming languages, you’ll learn more about how each one works. Furthermore, you will complete more basic tasks before moving on to larger projects. The surroundings are the same, and you’ll have to complete challenges along the way. These classes are comparable to those offered by Treehouse, though neither goes into as much detail as Code Avengers. Codecademy keeps you motivated by awarding badges for various achievements along the way. On your dashboard, you can also see all of the skills you’ve mastered, as well as your progress in your current classes. In case you get stuck, each lesson includes clickable hints, as well as additional hints if you submit incorrect code. The text editor itself is clean and stylish, with visual options that can be adjusted to keep everything readable. You can even use a timer to help you focus. If you get stuck, each lesson has a dedicated Q&A forum where you can interact with other students on the same level and troubleshoot code together. You can, for example, arrange meetups with nearby students in your city. There’s also a resources page with forum rules, language glossaries, cheat sheets, blog posts, and access to the help center for general questions. You can also participate in live chats by joining the Codecademy Discord channel. Professional users can research more advanced and detailed project examples. Codecademy outperforms Treehouse and SitePoint in this category, as well as competing programs like CodeHS. Because the learning curve can be tedious for beginners, learning to code should be enjoyable. Codecademy gets it right by combining entertaining lessons, practical exercises, and progress rewards. There are numerous methods for learning a language. You can select the method that works best for you. Getting help is simple, which is important. You’ll need to pay for a pro subscription to get the most out of Codecademy’s course catalog, so if you’re serious about your education, you should also consider fully paid coding classes like their Editors’ Choice pick Treehouse. Nonetheless, Codecademy’s interactive lessons are simple to understand and keep you motivated, earning it Editors’ Choice for free online coding classes.


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