How to Cancel

If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we suggest this cancellation service:

TrapCall is a service that allows you to unblock blocked calls that try to reach you. Different features allow a user to blacklist callers who harass you, and possibly even record phone calls that are incoming. However, you may not need this service as much as you originally thought, or your need for it has gone.

To get started on cancelling your account, you will need:

  • Phone number with
  • Pin number with
  • Reason for cancellation
  • Name on account
  • Date of birth of account holder
  • Gender of account holder

Steps to Cancel

  1. Log into your account and visit the cancel account page.
  2. Enter phone number and PIN.
  3. Follow the prompts to cancel your account.

Insider Tip

Make sure that you properly deactivate from your “handset.”

Please note

You may discontinue service at any time. However, you will not receive a refund of any unused balance in your account. You must pay for services through the date you discontinue service. You must properly deactivate TrapCall from your handset after cancelling your account.