How to Cancel

If you're not interested in using our free how to cancel guides, we suggest this cancellation service
If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we suggest this cancellation service: is a place to find great value in any season. Whether you need a hotel, a train fare, or even a restaurant reservation, can help. They offer flights and hotels in many popular destinations, like Las Vegas, Houston, San Francisco, and Miami. The contract with hotels to fill last-minute unused rooms, and so can offer outstanding deals.

Unfortunately, if your plans change, you may need to cancel a reservation. The refund policies depend on the type of booking, and the type of ticket or reservation you made. To check whether you can get a refund and/or cancel a booking, follow these steps.

What you need:

  • Name
  • Confirmation number
  • Pin

OR (if you cannot access these numbers) you will need:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Date of Reservation
  • Name of Hotel
  • City of Hotel

Steps by phone:

  1. Call 888-850-3958
  2. Enter Confirmation # and Pin when prompted (or enter nothing and confirm that you entered nothing when prompted).
  3. You will be given options to cancel if able, otherwise you’ll be transferred to an agent.
  4. Request cancellation of the reservation.
  5. Collect details of cancellation, including reference/confirmation #, as well as any refund details.

Steps online:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click on your name in upper right hand corner.
  3. Click on Booking. Then click on ‘View Booking’ next to the reservation you are trying to cancel.
    • If you’re struggling to find your bookings, you can also click on ‘Terms & Conditions’ or ‘FAQ,’ and find a link on the right side of the page that says “Review/Cancel Reservation.” You will be prompted to enter your trip number and email address.
  4. Under the details of the reservation, you will see any option to cancel.
  5. Depending on Hotel Policy, not all reservations are cancellable. Also, after a certain amount of time they might charge a fee to cancel. It is always best to cancel as soon as possible.