How to Cancel Stansberry and Associates

If you're not interested in using our free how to cancel guides, we suggest this cancellation service
If you do not wish to use our do-it-yourself guides, we suggest this cancellation service:

Stansberry & Associates Investment Research offers subscriptions that give access to financial software and information. Cancelling a subscription seems to be rather difficult as many people who have attempted a cancellation run into issues. Be aware that the Stansberry website does not have definitive information regarding a subscription cancellation process. If you run into any issues or problems with billing or cancelling it is strongly recommended that you click on the Use Cancellation Form link above.

You will have to contact Stansberry in order to cancel your subscription.

Steps to cancel: (By phone)

  1. Have any relevant information to your account handy, such as your full name and information regarding your payment method associated with the account’s billing
  2. Call the customer service line: 1 (888) 261-2693
  3. Request to speak with a customer service rep about cancelling your subscription
  4. Make a note of the time/date along with whom you are speaking for your records
  5. Follow the instructions provided by the customer service representative
  6. Be sure to request a cancellation confirmation number and write that down for your records

Steps to cancel: (By email)

  1. Type out an email requesting that your subscription be cancelled and that any future billing cease
  2. Be sure to include a request for a reply email that includes a confirmation of the cancellation
  3. Follow the instruction provided by the reply email


Stansberry’s Contact Information:

  • Customer service line: 1 (888) 261-2693 (US)
  • Customer service line: 1 (443) 839-0986 (International)
  • Customer service email: [email protected]
  • Mailing address: Stansberry Research, 1217 Saint Paul St. Baltimore, MD 21202