How to Cancel Lumosity

Lumosity is also known as

  • Human Cognition Project
  • Lumosity
  • Lumos Labs, Inc.

About Lumosity

Lumosity is a neuroscience research company that provides online brain training programs. Its parent company is Lumos Labs Inc. Lumosity’s web and mobile games are designed to challenge core cognitive abilities. Lumos Labs was founded in 2005 by Kunal Sarkar, Michael Scanlon, and David launched in 2007 and, as of January 2015, has 70 million members. Lumosity offers more than 40 games that are designed to challenge core cognitive abilities. Lumosity’s games are based on neuroscience, with continuing independent third-party studies being conducted by researchers at academic institutions around the world. There have been over 20 peer-reviewed publications in academic journals using Lumosity games or assessments. In one study, Lumosity’s scientists conducted a randomized trial involving 4,715 participants in order to study whether cognitive performance improves after training with Lumosity. The test group trained with Lumosity, while the control group trained using crossword puzzles. Both groups trained five days per week, for fifteen minutes a day. After ten weeks, the Lumosity group improved in performance across a battery of cognitive assessments. In fact, they improved more than twice as much as the control group did. More specifically, the Lumosity group showed statistically significant improvements in subtests of working memory, arithmetic reasoning, and processing speed. Lumosity offers games in categories such as speed, memory, attention, flexibility, problem-solving, word, and math. Some of the speed games include Highway Hazards River Ranger, Speed Pack, and Speed Match. In Highway Hazards, you quickly dodge obstacles in a race through the desert tumbleweeds, other drivers, and more. These rapid maneuvers challenge your information processing skills: your ability to process and analyze incoming information. In River Ranger, you must quickly spot animals in a river, and remember which animals you saw previously. This fast-paced game challenges information processing speed, and your ability to rapidly process and analyze information. In Speed Pack, you fit the last item into an already-filled suitcase. That means you must imagine what the suitcase would look like when folded. This mental folding challenges visualization your ability to imagine how objects fit together and interact. Speed Match is a fast-paced game, Speed Match exercises your brain’s ability to process information quickly and accurately. Some of the Memory Games include Memory Serves, Tidal Treasures, Memory Matrix, and Pinball Recall. In Memory Serves, you will exercise your memory by delivering bags to hotel guests. As a bellhop, you will need to keep track of your ever-changing inventory as you pick up and drop off the right set of bags to your hotel guests. As you get better, your job will challenge your memory-updating skills to keep track of more luggage and more types of luggage. In Tidal Treasures, you can keep choosing unique ocean treasures from a tide pool as more and more items wash up. Objects will be more difficult to tell apart as they accumulate in the tide pool so you will need to remember more details about each item on your growing list of treasures as you spend more time at the shore. In Memory Matrix, you quickly memorize a group of tiles on a grid. That means remembering their location, and maybe even the shapes they create. This task challenges a part of your short-term memory called spatial recall your ability to track location and position within an environment. In Pinball Recall, you must memorize the locations of several bumpers before they disappear. You then visualize how the ball will bounce off them, and determine where it will go. This working memory task requires more than simple memorization: you must also analyze your temporary memories in order to answer. correctly. Some of the Attention Games include Trouble Brewing, Assist Ants, Lost in Migration, and Train of Thought. In Trouble Brewing, your task is to fill multiple coffee orders at once. The more orders you take on, the harder it becomes to fill them successfully. This task challenges divided attention and your ability to simultaneously respond to multiple tasks. In Assist Ants you can train your divided attention skills by preventing ant collisions. Lost in Migration exercises your attention abilities by asking you to identify where the lead bird in a flock is headed, ignoring the distractors around it. In Train of Thought, your task is to guide an increasing number of trains to their stations. You must divide your attention to guide them all simultaneously. Attention is a limited resource that can track only so much information at once so you must use your attention efficiently by planning ahead. You can contact customer service at any time by using their contact form. Just visit Lumosity at and enter your email address, first and last name, and method of payment. A customer service representative will contact you in 3-5 business days to assist you and answer any questions you may have.


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Web Form

Follow these steps:

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  2. Choose “Refund Request”
  3. Click “Continue without Logging In”
  4. Insert your information in the fields provided and ask to cancel within the body of your message
  5. Click “Submit” and wait for a response via email
  6. Retain any confirmation numbers or emails you receive for your records


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