How to Cancel World Gym

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World Gym is an international brand that is known for producing some of the most famous muscle heads of all time. They have franchise locations are situated around the world. Each of the locations are individually owned and operated, allowing for unique yet reputable experiences. Each location has their own membership requirements and fees. If you have a membership that needs to be cancelled you will need to cancel it at the same location that you joined at. We have listed some basic details regarding cancellation instruction for you here:


What you will need:

  • Address of the gym location you signed up at
  • Full name
  • Complete billing address
  • DOB
  • Reason for cancellation


Canceling by certified mail:

  1. Call gym location to verify eligibility to cancel.
  2. Create cancel request letter
  3. Send signed letter to gym location via certified mail
  4. Once letter is delivered follow up with gym to verify cancellation


Insider Tip:

World Gym typically requires a 60-day notice to cancel