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About Chemistry is a dating website. It is’s sister site, and it was founded by the same team that worked for that company. The policies of the site specifically involve pairing members for long-term relationships using methods referred to as “compatibility” and “chemistry.”’s matching algorithm was created by Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropology professor and scholar, and includes interviews and contributions from her as well as MSN spaces page, “The Great Mate Debate.” Dr. Fisher appeared on ABC’s 20/20 on January 30, 2009, to discuss her theory and research behind the personality test and matching. The website rose to prominence after several advertisements depicted online daters who were rejected by eHarmony, including one that featured a gay man, highlighting the fact that eHarmony does not match people of the same gender. Chemistry launched a new set of advertisements in April 2008, signaling the second phase of its long-term strategy, by re-inventing traditional wedding vows shared between two people “Chemistry style.” As of June 2013, over 8 million people worldwide had taken the personality test. was created from the ground up to assist singles who are serious about finding meaningful relationships in finding their matches. Chemistry, despite being created by the same people who created, stands out as a unique dating service thanks to a matchmaking system based on science and compatibility. What makes this website so unique? Dr. Helen Fisher is an anthropologist and human behavior researcher from the United States who has studied romantic attraction for over 30 years. Dr. Fisher was hired by Match to build and create the site’s game-changing hormone-based and personality-based matching systems, in addition to her work as a professor at Rutgers University. The Chemistry matching system is intended to get to know you on a more personal level, utilizing Dr. Fisher’s most recent research to go beyond the profile and into the real person behind it. Meaningful relationships, according to this website, are built on two equally important foundations: compatibility and chemistry. Most dating sites are only concerned with compatibility, but Chemistry’s matchmaking system is designed to help you find both. It’s clear from the moment you join the site that unprecedented amounts of time and effort went into designing a dating system that works on both levels. It’s all visible during the profile creation process in Chemistry. New members can create a profile for free, but they cannot communicate with other members. The real fun begins after entering basic user information such as name, email address, and zip code. Chemistry’s four-part questionnaire begins with a “My Personality” section that combines traditional multiple-choice questions with image-based questions. There are three more sections after that: “About Me,” “About My Match,” and “In My Own Words.” The first section includes general information about appearance and lifestyle, such as eye color, height, body type, religion, profession, and education. “About My Match” covers the same ground as “About Me,” but asks you to apply them to describe who you’re looking for. The final section, “In My Own Words,” includes a profile headline and a free-form “Tell Us About Yourself” section of 200-2000 characters. When you finish your profile, you’re taken to a clean, minimal, and simple-to-navigate homepage. Your site-selected matches are prominently displayed. They can be sorted by date, photos, activity, age, and personality type, and they can be replied to by pressing one of three buttons – “I’m interested, “Decide later,” or “Not really.” New matches will be received once action has been taken on current matches. The Stream, a log of your matches’ recent activity that updates in real time, is one of the profile’s more unique features. When you see something that piques your interest, you can send a free wink to let someone know. Update your profile, upload a photo, or respond to a Stream question when it appears to be seen in the stream. The personality types are another feature that distinguishes Chemistry. Based on their responses to the matching questionnaire, each member is assigned one of four personality types: Explorer, Director, Negotiator, or Builder. When you’re ready to start enjoying all of the benefits that our Upgraded membership has to offer, we’re happy to offer you six-month, three-month, or one-month package options. Each option comes with all of our standard Upgrade benefits, such as email and live chat. Despite the fact that our rate page displays the monthly average price for each option (to assist you in comparing the relative costs of the packages), your subscription package is charged in full at the time of purchase. Simply select our one month package if you want to be charged on a monthly basis. In addition to the membership plan cost and any applicable taxes, all new upgrades are subject to a one-time, non-refundable processing fee. Upgraded members have access to Premium Features. These options will be presented to you during the upgrade process and can always be purchased later from your Home Page.

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