How to Cancel Premier Passport Clientworks

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Premier Passport managed by Clientwks, in order to cancel, you will need to contact Clientwks either by telephone, email, or their website. If you look at your bank statement you will notice that Clientwks will be on your statement receiving your payments for Premier Passport. The steps to cancel are very easy, but you need a few things first.


Things you will need before contacting Clientwks

You will need a few things before you contact Clientwks, having these things available beforehand will help things go smoother.

  1. username and password
  2. payment information, such as debit or credit card information
  3. email information

Simple, right?


Steps to cancel by phone

To cancel by phone is easy to do.

  • The first thing to do is call 1-888-553-9921.
  • Ask to speak with a representative that can cancel your Premier Passport membership. (You’ll probably transfer to another representative.)
  • Have a pen and piece of paper available and write important information, such as, time and date, who you were speaking with, and any confirmation numbers that were given.
  • The representative will assist with cancellation.
  • Verify after forty-eight hours that the cancellation successfully went through. Again, write all important information from that call as well.


Steps to Cancel Online

  • The first step to canceling your Premier Passports account would be to gather the necessary information.
  • The second step is to open the website Once the web page is open look at the center of the screen to find “Cancel My Membership”.
  • There are two options choose the best that fits your needs and continue to the next page.
  • To cancel online have your payment information and email or your account information ready to go.
  • From here you will follow the prompts to cancel.
  • It’s suggested to make a follow-up phone call to confirm the cancellation.


Steps to Cancel by Email

  • You can cancel your account by email by emailing [email protected].
  • Write that you are canceling your account with Premier Passport and that you want your automatic bill payment canceled immediately.
  • Include your account information and request a reply to acknowledge they received the email and the membership canceled.
  • It’s suggested to follow-up with a phone call.

Live Chat is also available!

  • Go to
  • Provide CC Details
  • And write important information such as confirmation number, date and time, and any other information.

There you go! Using one of those methods you have successfully canceled your membership to Premier Passport. If you have any concerns make sure to contact Premier Passport or Clientwks for additional information.

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