How to Cancel ASPCA Pet Insurance

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The ASPCA Pet Insurance plans offer a variety of different options to a pet owner to allow them to insure their pet (or multiple pets) through a variety of different insurance coverage plans that meet the person’s specific needs. Specific plans offered include options that include accident and-only coverage or both accident and illness coverage. You can choose to add Basic Preventative Care, Standard Preventative Care, and Prime Preventative Care to your pet’s insurance plans at your discretion. Based on the options you select you will get a standard quote for the monthly premium that you will have to pay.

What Information Do I Have To Provide To Cancel?

To cancel your ASPCA Pet Insurance you will have to provide full name, full address, email, and reason for your request to cancel.

Steps Canceling Your ASPCA Pet Insurance Account:

The following steps will be required for you to cancel your ASPCA Pet Insurance:

  1. You will have to call the customer service hotline at 866-204-6764.
  2. When the automated voice comes up with the options menu you want to choose Option 2 and then Option 3.
  3. When you are speaking to a customer service representative, you will need to provide the aforementioned information when they request it. This information will help the customer service specialist identify your account and specific insurance policy so that they may cancel it accordingly.

Tips When Cancelling Your ASPCA Pet Insurance:

When you are cancelling your account, be sure to ask if any early cancellation fees or penalties apply to your account. This helps you avoid any surprises if you owe a final fee or must pay a penalty for ending a contract or an insurance policy early.

Moreover, ask for some sort of confirmation to ensure the cancellation was successful. Whether this is just a confirmation number or an email or paper letter that confirms cancellation, having this on records helps confirm your account and insurance policy has indeed been terminated.