How to Cancel Ebay Transaction

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eBay is a great way to find unusual items, antiques, or just great deals. If Amazon or Walmart doesn’t have it, the odds are that someone on eBay does. In addition, eBay is a great way to encourage reuse and recycling of items, rather than purchasing from a large chain. It can be a way to earn money, or to get better value for the money you spend.

But perhaps you changed your mind, entered the wrong bid amount, or realized you didn’t need an item you purchased?  There are different rules depending on the type of sale: auction style, where you bid an amount you are willing to spend, or ‘Buy It Now,’ where you pay the amount listed.

This is how to cancel an eBay bid (before the auction has finished):

You will need:

  • Username and password


  1. Check whether you qualify for a bid retraction or cancellation. There are a limited number of reasons that eBay will allow a bid retraction. Allowable reasons: You accidentally entered the wrong amount, the item description changed after you bid, or you can’t reach the seller. Not-allowed reasons: You changed your mind, bid on multiple items, or were researching other bids. (If you can’t cancel through eBay, you can always contact the seller yourself and ask them to cancel your bid. They have the option to do so, but they are not required to.)
  2. If you qualify to cancel, retract your bid on eBay as soon as possible. If the auction ends in less than twelve hours, you only have one hour to cancel after you bid. If the auction ends in more than twelve hours, you can cancel anytime until the twelve hour mark.
  3. Fill out a Bid Retraction (found in customer service), or a Best Offer Cancellation.

If you already won an auction or purchased a “Buy It Now” item, and wish to cancel, you must contact the seller directly. eBay handles no cancellations on completed transactions, as clicking Bid or Buy constitutes a contract.

If you wish to cancel your entire eBay account, follow these directions:

You will need:

  • Username and password


  1. Log in to your profile and click on “Request to close your account,” located on the middle of the page.
  2. Select a category.
  3. Select a reason.
  4. Select: “Yes, but I still want to close my account.”
  5. If able to cancel account, message will appear.