How to Cancel Slimware Premium Support

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Slimware Utilities provides PC support through their driver-updating and software programs, such as their Slimware Premium Support, which provides professional and 24/7 PC support and services. They also offer their popular Driver Update tool, which performs hardware scans and identifies driver-related issues. Some of the programs are free to download, but you can choose to purchase single and multi-PC licenses. For the Slimware Premium Support, you pay an initial payment, and then a recurring monthly fee of $19.95 or $24.95, depending on your plan.

If you find your Slimware Premium Support subscription no longer needed, follow the steps below.

*Important things to note:

  • Once you sign up and pay the initial payment, you will automatically be charged a monthly fee until you cancel your subscription.
  • To avoid being charged for the next monthly billing, cancel before your next payment date. Cancellation is then effective immediately.
  • Your purchase is only eligible for a refund if you cancel within 24 hours of your initial purchase, AND Slimware was not able to resolve your PC issue.

How to cancel your Slimware Premium Support subscription:

You will need: your full name and email address.

Cancel via Phone:

  1. Call customer service at 1-888-266-7795. They are open between 9am-11pm ET, Monday to Saturday.
  2. Request to cancel subscription.
  3. Verify information.
  4. Ask for a confirmation number or email for your records.

Cancel via Email:

  1. Send a cancellation request to [email protected] with your full name and email.
  2. Wait for a confirmation email for your records.

Cancel via Online Form:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Contact Support.”
  3. Select “Premium Support” and “Billing Support” in the drop down menus.
  4. Fill out the form, including a a request to cancel in the “Message” section.
  5. Click on “Send.”
  6. Wait for a confirmation email for your records.